Monday, May 2, 2011

Entitled Generation

I said it. Yep entitled generation. You know the ones Im talking about.   The ones who believe that life is truly about them. Its all about me syndrome. I was reading on a group today, and fond an ever so annoying post that reminded me about the ME generation. Seems there are people who feel that if they take the time to travel to visit family, that they should be compensated by being given a bed to sleep in and food in their mouths, regardless of the cost to others. I just shake my head. Since when should my mom give up her bed, so that I have one. What happened to blowing up an air mattress and camping out on the living room floor? Why should my retired grandma be responsible to feed my family of 9 (kids/grandkids etc) if we go visit? I think it takes some balls to expect that of your family. Its nice if they offer up a place to stay, their own bed in exchange for a few nights on the couch, or a meal here and there. I just think its ridiculous for people to think they are entitled to a "free" stay because its family, and to go as far as to be upset, angry, or blatantly rude because they are not being given what they feel is their right. 

Your thoughts?

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