Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Its time to plant!

Now if Mother Nature would just cooperate and stop dropping rain. Our area has gotten over 20 INCHES of rain in the past 11 days. Yeah that is no typo. 20 inches.  They have blown breeches in 2 levees on the rivers, one on the Ohio and one on the Mississippi. The lakes have reached their highest levels since the 1920's.

Today I do see the sun... but its going to take more than one sunny day to dry up all the mud and muck from all this rain.But in the interim I am planning and plotting my garden  :yes 

The short list:

Im sure we will wind up coming up with more to plant, but that about covers it for now. Carrots and potatoes didnt do very well last year, and I can only imagine with the red clay in the area they wont do well this year, so I doubt we try and roots!

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