Sunday, May 15, 2011

Too Many Shoes!

I'm getting buried under a pile of shoes. There are shoes for 7 people in my house, all piled up in my laundry room floor, half the time blocking the washing machine. I have been searching for shoe organizers high and low. We tried the over the door deal, and that is a no go. It probably wouldn't be as bad if there weren't at least 4 pairs of shoes per person. Realistically they need access to at least 2 pairs of those 4. Flipflops/sandals and athletic/sneaker/tennis shoe type shoes.

Everyone takes their shoes off at the back door.House rule. It keeps me from having to vacuum every 3 minutes and going insane. There is no closet at the back door (or the front door for that matter, heck there aren't enough closets in the housed PERIOD!... but that is beside the point)The bedroom closets are not an option because this would mean they would either walk through the house to get to the bedroom, thus tracking straw, grass, dirt, mud, chicken shit etc across the house, or trying to get them to remember to take them off THEN put them away. Might work on the older 3  but the little ones? Not much of a chance!

So this is my current shoe nightmare--- Id say excuse the mess, but that is what this post is about, ideas to eliminate a MESS! 

So I'm open to kid friendly (ages 15,12,5,4 and 2) suggestions to get the shoes off the floor, and organized so that everyone is not scrambling to find 2 matching shoes any time we head out the door... well everyone except Baby J, she is a true shoeless hillbilly child, and would go without if you didn't force her to wear them!

Previously tried and unsuccessful ideas:
This was tried briefly and lasted long enough for a certain 2 or 4 yr old to attempt to scale it when no one was in the laundry room  GAAH!

and then something similar to this was tried, but didn't work due to the height it is hanging on the back of the door. Too tall for the littles to reach shoes beyond the lowest rung and it only holds three pairs of shoes per row, thus shoes aren't accessible for independent kids.

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