Friday, May 6, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Lives

Some of you may recall pictures from 4 yrs ago of lil dude and my decoration pumpkin. If not here's the background :giggle

I had this cute pumpkin I stuck in the middle of my kitchen table every fall. It's a real sized pumpkin. When lil dude was 2 he broke the stem off using it as a stepping stool in the bathroom so he could "brush his teef". So he used it for a couple years, and then outgrew it.

In comes devil child, who used it as well, however its probably been a good almost year since anyone has used my pumpkin as a stepping stool.

Until this morning. The great pumpkin rises again! I walked into the kitchen and Baby J was trying to get a sippy cup down and she found the pumpkin (I Have no clue where it was I dont use it on the table anymore LOL)

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