Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Tattoo Night

Not sure how it came to be, but last night became tattoo night in our house. Well technically not "in" our house, but members of our house wound up at Killer Tattoos. It started with a cover up job for Digger. He has a really old rebel flag on his upper right arm, and a tribal on his right arm just above the elbow. The tribal was light blue, but had to be filled/fixed often due to fading.

This is what the arm started like.

 Then Beanie decided she needed the baby's name added to her collection. She has the other kids on a shooting star on her back already. She chose a lily on her leg, its actually pretty cool :)

Then after much pushing from Beanie I decided to "wing it" with a design. Ive been toying with some type of floral design on my back for years, with the names of the kids, but never really put a lot into it, until last night, when I was poked and prodded by Beanie. Of course she wanted her name to be the centerpiece, and wanted it bigger than the others LOL. But Im fair, everyone is equal. When Jesse (tattoo artist) put the carbon on my back, Beanie said, mom, I just want you to know that Michael is going to hurt like a bitch. How ironic. Really though, it had a few moments through the entire thing, but none were horrible, or something I couldnt stand. So here is mine.

Pictures today... MY GOD he looks so good. This is Digger, minus about 40lbs :) 

  Lil dude asked me what it said, when I told him, he said, where's my name. Thats what's next LOL

Today, mine.

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