Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Harassed for Watermelon

No really. Ive been harassed for a couple weeks to buy a watermelon. The main harasser is lil dude. Followed closely by devil child and Baby J. Baby J is just a follower though... whatever the others ask for, she asks for too. Sometimes she asks for things she doesnt even like. Like lunch meat, just because the others ask.

So anyhow, I finally remembered to pick up a watermelon at the store. Sliced it open and gave it to the kids for an after school snack (even though lil dude is technically the only one of the three in school, it works) Had I realized that not only would all 3 of them actually eat it, they would eat a LOT of it. I now have one sliver of watermelon left. They ate the rest of it.

So add to my list of things to plant. The kids were ever so nice too, the picked all the seeds out and saved them for us to plant LOL I didnt have the heart to tell them they have to sit until next year, you cant plant fresh seeds.

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