Monday, May 2, 2011


Is right around the corner. Im a little freaked out now. Obviously I plan to be back in school in September so its not really like Im done with school, but the efforts of my work will show with a piece of paper that with any luck will ensure me a job where I can make more than minimum wage.

I guess I'm also a bit bummed. While I have a degree in social work, and this is "just" (according to family) a second degree, I'm bummed because Ive let my family know this is coming, I guess because I'm looking for a pat on the back... yet all I hear about the past month is how my sister is trying to get into school, because she wants to be a midwife. 

The fact that I took (and passed) my MCAT (but not with the scores I needed to get into the school I want, I need to up my math shit) means nothing. The fact that I plan to retake it in September to try and get into med school starting in 2012 means nothing.  The fact that I am the first person in my family to have any degree from any college,  doesn't matter. I just feel I guess like I don't matter. It sucks. For my family anyway, life is all about my sister.

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