Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swim wear, what happened to the fabric?

Yes, Im going there! It doesn't seem like it was that long ago, that I could go into any one of a dozen stores in the mall and buy a nice swimsuit, one piece or two, and it was made out of something more than 2 patches and a leaf.  As the mom of a young daughter, and mamaw of 3 little granddaughters, I am to the point of screaming and throwing a tantrum because everything either looks like it belongs on a pole dancer, or its just plain ugly.

Piggles favorite store is Aeropostale. I occasionally do some shops for them when I see them come up on the sites. Who would pass up a "free" shopping trip right? But even their swimwear appears to be lacking this year.

A friend bought her 13 yr old daughter this TOP and BOTTOM Now I realize these are not 6 or 7 yr old little girls, but the low rise is just a bit too low in my opinion.  Why cant they make cute tankini suits for girls/tweens/teens? Why must everything be micro mini?

Maybe Im just getting old. 

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