Thursday, March 8, 2012

101 Reasons Why

Well if I have to come up with 101 reasons why I shouldn't buy a newer camera, Ill never make it past about 10. 101 reasons why I should buy a new camera... That list could happen.

Ive been looking for awhile. Not actively looking, just occasional browsing. 3 years ago Mr Digger bought me a Nikon D40. I have absolutely LOVED this camera from the day it was placed in my hot little hands.

That said, I have had issues with  a few things. First the flash died 9 months into ownership. Nikon fixed it and got it back to me fairly quickly.

The second issue has been ongoing for 3 yrs. It will tell me "lens not attached" when clearly the lens is attached. At first I thought it was an actual camera issue. After 2 trips to the extended warranty repair center, I came to the realization that it only happened with 1 lens. The other 2 lens I own, it never gives this message.

Now, after a "drop" by one of my older children, the lens will not attach (probably ever again) a small sliver of plastic that helps the lens attach has broke off *sigh*

So I started looking for a lens. $100 on ebay for the exact same lens.... or I could upgrade my camera for around $600. Do you see my dilemma? LOL

D3100  Techincally my D40 camera body is fine, no problems, in great working condition. I could probably sell it for $200 making a new camera only about $400. Makes sense really. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

But this last summer I had the opportunity to play with my friend's Canon Rebel... it was kinda nice too, but was it $700 nice? I just dont know. *sigh*

Stay tuned...

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