Friday, March 23, 2012

A Plea for Help

I have talked about my friend Tyler before. Tyler works for Petco in their corporate office. He works when he is at work, and he works when he is at home. His work from home includes rescuing Pit Bulls, a deaf Boxer named Archie, and recently 2 Pot Belly Pigs.

Tulip is his latest rescue, and she was starved by her previous owner under the misconception that withholding food would keep her small or a micro-pig.

There is no such thing as a micro-pig and withholding food, followed by being rescued and actually fed, has led to some pretty serious health issues for Tulip.

Tyler survives 100% by working, and donations when his rescues have health issues he cant afford on his own. 100% of donations go directly to the vet bill, and if you are iffy about donating through a "chipin" Tyler has always posted the name and number of the vet where you can make a direct donation to whichever animal is in need.

Im making this plea not only for Tulip, but for Tyler. he does such wonderful work with the animals he rescues, and they truly are his family (his children so to speak) He currently has 6 dogs, and 2 pot belly's (If I have them counted correctly).

If you can give a buck, check out their chip-in. 

Thank You!

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