Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No Means No Means No, Right?

Apparently not if you are an almost 5 yr old know it all.

My embroidery machine is pretty self sufficient. You load the thread, you set the program and you turn it loose. My old machine was the same way. Ive been using various similar machines since 2004. Long before almost 5 yr old child came to be.

They have always known, you don't touch my sewing machines, in fact unless Im in the sewing room, you dont go in the sewing room. You steer clear. You have 3 other bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and a fenced in front yard in which you can touch anything you please in. My sewing room is off limits. The draw of all the cool stuff is apparently very strong.

Somewhere around 230 while making a sippy cup for Freddy, a certain almost 5 yr old apparently ventured into the sewing room and touched the one thing that could do some serious injury. The embroidery machine in the middle of making a pretty Hibiscus for Piggles.

Not only did she touch, but she got her finger somewhere real close to the needle. Close enough that her finger got sliced twice on the very tip. Knowing that she wasnt allowed in the sewing room unaccompanied. She didnt let out a peep. No cry of fear or pain. Nope not this kid. She went to the other end of the house, got some tissue and held it on her finger.

Once the shock wore off she did cry. When asked what happened she suffered sudden life altering amnesia. She couldnt remember anything.Im not even sure she knew where she was or who she was. Okay maybe she could remember everything EXCEPT what happened to her finger. The cat was blamed, he bit her. Then it was possibly the door knob. When asked about the sewing machine she denied any knowledge that I even OWN a sewing machine. This kid is slick.

Being the horrible person I am... I let her stew over it. After about 15 minutes (the bleeding had stopped by the way, I didnt let her sit there bleeding out or anything horrific) she still had no idea how her finger got sliced. I had a pretty good idea, but no solid forensic evidence (no blood on the needle or the towel that was being sewn when she touched the machine).

I finally told her that we would have to take her in and have the finger removed. Since we had no idea what happened, we didnt know what to do to treat it, or what kind of germs it had. It might even have germs that would make it rot and fall off.

The truth came out within minutes. Apparently a fast moving sewing machine needle has a song like the sirens in Greek mythology. Who knew?

I hope that the lesson DO NOT TOUCH, has been learned, and learned well.


  1. It's kinda like the spinning needle in Sleeping Beauty....must....touch....

  2. It kind of was! Im guessing she wont do it again though....