Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Someone is Having Fun

I had my cell number changed back in September, after 6-10 calls per day from a collection agency who insisted I was someone else. Even when called and told my name is Apryl, I am NOT XYZNONBILLPAYING PERSON, I was straight up told I was a liar.

So, those that NEED my number have it. 2 weeks ago I started getting texts from numerous people (to whom I can not reply) offering services to catch my husband/boyfriend/lover cheating. 

People, I dont need your help. I have a keylogger on his computer, I have GPS on his phone, I know the passwords to his email, his voicemail, his facebook etc. Ive been down this road, I dont need your help!

Next up----

The random emails to my school acct. Now I know this situation is obviously "personal" since the school doesnt disclose email addresses to anyone. So in order to have my school email address, you KNOW me. Narrows it down, yes indeed.

So the really cool email from Miss Cline Anderson, who would like to build a relationship with me was awesome! I responded too! I have to wonder if Miss Cline Anderson will be scared by the thought of Ichthyosis, or leprosy? Love knows no bounds right?

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