Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time is Money, Right?!

Which is why Im sharing this... I started buying glasses through Zenni Optical last year, when  a friend told me about their dirt cheap pricing. Some children, who shall remain un-named lost my ONE pair of glasses while away on a weekend buggy trip about a year ago.

I was distraught. I had paid $250 for those glasses and I certainly didnt have $250 to buy another pair... plus my prescription had expired, but that is another story LOL

So I went in and paid $80 for an eye glass and contact lens exam... and low and behold, Zenni Optical to the rescue, for under $20 I got a really cute pair of glasses that worked WONDERFULLY.

So right now Zenni is running a special, buy 2 pairs get 1 free. I just ordered 3 prs for me, and 3 for my daughter, and spent:

Can I get a drumroll?????????????????????????

$82 for SIX pairs of glasses.

 My daughters prescription is a progressive as she is legally blind in one eye, and not far behind in the other, so hers run a wee bit more, but regardless under $100 for what would cost me around $1200 at Lenscrafters, Pearl, Walmart, Sears or any other vision chain in the US.

What are you waiting for? Go order your glasses!

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