Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Did You Get Accomplished Today?

I hate that question. No matter how innocently it is asked, it has an accusatory tone. Especially when you run around ALL day and the answer is basically--- nothing.

Yesterday my friend needed a ride to pick up her car from the dealership. 40 miles from my house to her house,and another 20ish to the dealership. Not a big deal. I get to her house at 10, we MUST leave now, as I have a school bus to catch at 130, and I know I have to drop her off at dealership by 11, so I can make it home with some time to spare.

We start out, hit I65 southbound. We make it all of 5 miles, and hit traffic. We plug along at O.005 miles per hour for 15 minutes. We sit stuck for almost 2 hours. 

I finally say we have to go back... we have 5 kids in the car (3 mine 2 hers) they all are "starving" and have to pee, and I have less than 2 hours before the bus comes.

So I get to the left side of the road, cut through the center, and rush back to my house. We wait.... and wait.... and wait....

The bus is 25 minutes LATE. Substitute driver O_o.

Once we get lil' dude, this officially starts 2 weeks of  "Spring Break". We head out the door after everyone has peed, diapers are changed... and start back towards Nashville, or more specifically, Antioch.

We get back on the interstate, and make it outside of Rivergate, before we hit--- wait for it!!! What did we hit? TRAFFIC. Why is there traffic going INTO Nashville on a Friday afternoon at 330 pm? Who knows, but we played the sit, go sit go sit go game for another 40 minutes. We get on the 24 south onramp, and dead stop.

Kill me now. Kids are screaming (there are 6 of them remember) someone stole someone else's french fry, straws have been removed from sippy bottles and water is being flung around the car...

Is there a breaking point? Apparently not... for the next thing I know above all the ruckus a tampon comes flying to the front of the car, sans wrapper and beans my friend in the neck. 

WE LOST IT. What more could you do but laugh. Apparently my purse was discovered in the back of the truck ( I rarely carry one but have one with essentials in it just in case) 

Eventually we made it to the dealership, she got her car and we parted ways.... I got back to the Rivergate area and once again hit horrendous traffic. I cut off on a back road, only to watch 3 fire trucks and an ambulance pass me. However they were not headed to the traffic jam on the interstate, they were headed to the wreck 3 miles up the road (BLOCKING the entire road) that I was trying to travel on... back road back to the interstate and continue on. BIG SIGH.

8 hours, $80 in high costing fuel, and 300 miles later... I made it home. 

The next time she calls and needs a ride I will say remember the last time you asked me to take you to Nashville? I should probably open a donation for my gas fund now. :/

What did I get accomplished today? Im alive, the kids survived and that is IT.

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