Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ruffled Homecoming Dress

My friend Jess asked me about a dress she found on Pinterest...  So I went looking, and after checking it out (and the 2 blogs it was associated with) I decided to give it a go at making it for her. Their Navy homecoming is 7 months out, so I have plenty of time right?

Giving credit--- first Heart Break Kids Blog for the American color themed dress and then  Tidbits--- for her original "pattern".

WRONG! One of the other girls from the Zone has homecoming in 2.5 wks... she asked if I could make her one as well! Here we go!

I bought a few items (since I didnt have a lot of red white or blue teeshirts laying around ;) ) and Started on the first one today. So far so good...

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