Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There is a reason for bedtime

Its not so that parents can eat the good things in life, like oreos, chocolate cake, apple pie, or ice cream.

Its not so we can watch the BEST TV shows without the kids!

Okay, I know South Park isnt the BEST TV show... but I know a 6 yr old that thinks it is, and gets upset when its watched after his bedtime!! Why would an adult watch a cartoon without the kids, ya know?

One day they will figure out its because they needed the sleep. Until then we all get to put up with the crankasauraus Rexs of the world when they dont get enough sleep.

Last night was no exception for Ms. Devil Child. regular routine, supper around 6, bath time around 7. Bedtime between 8-830. Round 1 I say go to bed now. She goes. 10 minutes later I hear footsteps. I say go to bed. She goes. Round 2 through 22 are a repeat of the same.

I think she FINALLY crashed around 11pm. This morning the price was high.... I woke her up at 650. her bus comes at 740. Putting clothes on was a nightmare. Socks? OMGeez the seam at the end of the sock has to go just RIGHT over the toes or it is a lawsuit waiting to happen! Shoes? Who am I kidding. The last thing that child wanted to do was put on shoes today. She tried to sleep standing up while I yanked and tugged at her hair, getting it into a piggy tail on top of her head.

I sang the morning song on the way to the bus stop... I got yelled at to shut up.

I have blackmail pictures, should I ever have any use for them:

Dont worry, Tom the talking Cat entertained her the last 5 minutes before the bus came, and she perked right up.

Thank you Tom :)

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