Thursday, March 29, 2012

How about some votes?

Can I drum up some votes for Abby, the New Bunny in Town? Contest is through 1800flowers. Tyler (the friend with Tulip, Toby the rescued pot belly pigs, plus 6 rescued dogs)  has Abby in this photo contest :) Here's why you should vote for Abby---- Excerpt from Tyler's page

ABBY deserves to win The New Bunny In Town Contest & here is why:

Abby--she was so sick & thin about 7 wks old--she was left chained to a tree in freezing temps, rain, no food, water or shelter---her *owners* had been arrested & no one saw her...It wasn't until a few days later someone heard whimpering..I took her from their yard...
Her first year was very difficult--not only was she really sick but she also had severe hip dysplasia by 7 mos old, 2 torn acl's which she had TTA surgeries for, also diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her elbows & 2 yrs old she had a stem cell transplant--a year later she is finally really enjoying life as it should be...she is now a little over 3 yrs.....

Vote for Abby!

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