Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is it half full or half empty?

My plate that is.... This morning I had to make a trip to Owensboro, 60 miles to the north for an 830 appt.

I took lil dude to school... Got had and made it 3 of the 7 miles north towards my house when my truck decided to overheat.

Couldnt happen yesterday, no way! I limped home... Made it into the driveway when it died.i hope beyond hope the engine didn't blow. Ran got the Tahoe and realized my truck is blocking the driveway. By some miracle from God, it started... Pulled it into the yard and took off.

30 minutes late, made my wait to be seen short.

Now jetsetting from one end of the sate to the other... 120 miles to make an 1130 class. I may quit while I'm ahead and just stay home!

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