Saturday, March 24, 2012


Can I catch a break?

Went to the doctor, took a bit longer than anticipated. Get home and am on the phone (why does this stuff always happen when someone is on the phone and hears the shrill screams of a child???) Anyhow... get home walk through door, lil dude sails into the kitchen, gives me a hug, runs back into my bedroom, where Mr Digger is.... then returns WAILING.

His pinkie finger is spurting blood. Arterial spurt. So I holler for Dental floss (to cut circulation to the pinky) and mention he has hit an artery. Apparently today my degree doesnt mean much, because my husband wants to know how I would know that. Umm geez.

So I remove pressure briefly, and what do you know, bright red SPURTING blood. I get it stopped, and cleaned up, then we go looking for the source of the owie.

Apparently lil dude was going to "scare" Mr Digger, and dropped down to the floor, and found a fish hook embedded in the carpet at the edge of the bed.

Tetanus shot is up to date. No ER visit is needed, and I wont be mentioning that 1) I dont have a tackle box, and 2) it was not my side of the bed.


  1. OUCH!!!!! I don't need to wonder what I would have done in that same situation. Just hopefully I would have done as well as you did!

  2. Aw poor little dude. Thank god you are going to be a Dr. I would of crapped my pants

  3. Eeeek! So glad he's OK. I would be FREAKING OUT.

    Remy / Cinnamon Bubbles