Sunday, March 25, 2012

Im not a believer

In karma. Its based on a religion that isn't my own.

I do believe what comes around goes around though. Im just waiting for it to go around, and around, and around.

A while back, apparently, a vehicle was in a minor accident. By minor I mean literally minimal damage. Someone claimed it with their insurance company for replacement car seats. $1200 in car seats. They were RIGHT on making sure they got the money for that.

However then they ran over their mother's car, with their boyfriends vehicle... and spent hours berating their mother for turning it in and telling her insurance company that it was boyfriends truck (not soon to be ex husbands). While the first incident may or may not be fraud, the second one most certainly is. It is against the law to file a false report with an insurance company for any reason, even if its not for your personal financial gain.
Mother's insurance company will pay out, but only partially (Why I dont know, she was asleep in the HOUSE when the car was smashed, to the tune of 2600.00) Boyfriend refuses to give mother his policy number.

In what world is this right? Where is it okay to lie about what vehicle you are driving when you smash into someone else's car and do major damage?  What world is it right to not bother to turn it in?

Im so tired of self centered entitled people.

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