Thursday, March 22, 2012

Peanut Butter Snobbery

Confession time.

I love Peanut butter.

Im a snob. A peanut butter snob. I never knew this until today. We eat a LOT of peanut butter in our house. When I say a lot, Im talking at least 1 18 oz jar a week, and usually its the 24 oz jar. I usually buy JIF. Occasionally I buy store brand, or Peter Pan. Ive even tried the Reeses, but wasnt impressed.

The last jar I bought, was Peter Pan Honey Roasted Creamy peanut butter. It was umm gritty. When your honey has sat for awhile it granulates. Apparently it does this in the peanut butter too. But it wasnt "that" bad, overall, and we ate the entire jar in no time.

So yesterday I was at the IGA, and saw Peter Pan on sale 2, 18 oz jars for $5?! WHAAA? Awesome deal. I snagged 2 from the shelf. I noticed they said whipped, but did not see the small print 1/3 less sugar.

This morning I was making toast with peanut butter for a kid. When I did the un-talked about. I licked the spoon. Okay well I started to.

Peter Pan failed with this whipped peanut butter. Or maybe they should have left that 1/3 sugar in it. Either way it was the most horrifyingly horrible taste I have let enter my mouth in awhile. (and I tried brussel sprouts recently!)

Have you ever been making cookies/candies/cake anything in which you had to mix in shortening/lard/crisco etc? Have you ever accidentally licked THAT spoon? Yeah. This tasted like straight up crisco. OMGeez.

Adding to my list of DO NOT BUY products, regardless of the "great" deal they are. Im just wondering if I will be able to get the kids to eat the 2 jars I bought. One is unopened, maybe I will donate it :/

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