Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love/Hate Relationship

I do hate where we currently live. I cant wait for June to arrive and us to move, even if its just 60 or so miles south.

However tonight, I love where we live, simply because it is a VERY small town. Everyone knows everyone... and well, it worked to my benefit tonight.

Mr Digger dropped the Tahoe off to get the exhaust fixed. Dont ask me what is wrong with it, I have no clue. But we dropped it off yesterday. Tonight we went to get it, and 2 glass packs (2 WHATS?) and some pipes... for the dual exhaust cost us $100. I was dreading the cost and was prepared for $200 or more.

Then Mr Digger said hey can you look at my wife's blazer. Now mind you, I have been complaining for no less than 8 MONTHS of the rattle and horrifying noises that my exhaust makes. I cringe at the thought of what I am sure will be $200... because Midas quoted me $400 and we all know they rip you off.

But 2 hours (and 4 OUTRAGEOUSLY cranky kids later) We left this local mechanic with a new exhaust and muffler on my blazer, for $75. Thats right... both vehicles for under $200.

Im grateful, simply because there are a lot of changes coming in our lives, and excess expenses could really kick us in the butt, at least for now.

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